Thursday, September 25, 2014

what our emotion feels for the others, becomes our body.

what our emotion feels for the others, becomes our body.
what our emotion feels for the others 
electron related or positron related in the magnetic force, 
bounces back to our soul and body.
where we hold our heart, attracts the movement of speed in changing the dimension
where we hold our heart where ever we are, conscious and emotion will travel through time.
time is our emotion that sees every conscious of all, 
every heart of all, melts into the galaxy that connects us to the other galaxies and the dimension of the soul, in the afterlife.
there, we will travel instantly, 
our conscious and emotion creates the surrounding instantly, 
we think and it is in front of our heart, 
we feel for the others and they are in front of our heart.
the afterlife and this dimension affects the world of both, which is always commuting, 
through their emotion of sentiments.
and the change is seen.
and the change continues eternally for our soul continues eternally.
for the galaxy is our soul reflected in the stars, in the planets, 
in the movement of the solar system.
through our heart being kept calm and humble,
we will always see the change we envision.
this is the change that is seen in earth today 
and in the days to come.
heart will travel.
our words and our conscious 
will be the message from the spiritual dimension 
of the afterlife and from the far and the close planets of our resonance. 
humor and riddle in the simplicity in the distance that travels instantly.
our emotion is their emotion when we recall the far away spirits in the afterlife,
in the messaging to us, and the messaging to them.
emotion is a free energy that surrounds us in this galaxy,
that is what allows all the dimension to exist.
and the existence of dimension continues our journey of our souls.
~ Saori

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