Thursday, September 25, 2014

birds chirping

birds chirping,
and suddenly flying above,
seeing the bright sky,
the trees swaying
are they calling?
noticing the nests in tree,
bringing over warmth to the babies,

ants walking on the stem of the tree,
encountering one another,
walking on the leaf?
in the soothing green presence,
and walking back to the soil,
we make the soil nurture,
we are directly friends with the birds and the tree,
and the sun and the sky,
and the rain and the river,
even recalling the river adventure,
on a leaf,
then finding a new home in a new land,
quickly relocating,
like teleportation!
to us small beings,

then we see the humans,
planting the flowers,
of where we gather for our meeting,
the human glancing at us,
smiling to us in appreciation
in the nurtured soil,

we appreciating in the human,
in their loving care for the land
and leaving us space for our home,
we coexist, cohabit, and cooperate,
in our daily meeting with all
in continuing this moment,
and this moment on.

~ Saori

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