Thursday, March 19, 2015

Send Loving Energy To All & Decrease Our Arrogance

why is it that we all seek after mode?
is it to contribute to our planet?
or is it to seek to speak to the world?

in any case, we must decrease our arrogance. 
or in fact, immediately stop holding any,
think for the others, and send loving energy to all.

do you want to connect to your past life?
to understand your mission here in our planet?

maybe, you can listen to many songs, choosing from different countries.
your memory recalled,
may possibly be a country that you were connected to in your past.

in this same method, we may walk around the world,
and know for sure of where you have been, in your past.
it may bring back your purpose, here.

do you believe in the common education here in our planet?
are you certain?
education is something that continues to change.
science is never complete of what we learn.
it keeps on amending.

education we have come about, is something that we must question this once.

shall we continue love affairs in the world?
no, if we continue this, our dna will be affected in this
higher dimension world that we have entered after the
mayan predicted 2012.
dna becomes affected,
child that will come in our tomorrow,
in taking after.
of course, like souls attract.
they will come in to the world with
tear inside of their heart.
when their parents stay fated to each other and marry,
that will appear in the heart and the soul of the child.
affairs should never happen in this world,
in the reason of hurting our coming child`s soul.
In this being taken care of in Earth in all regions,
world conflict will disappear because the child
being born will appear with different
conscious soul energy with especially highly concrete mission.

this world and the common education we receive is
what will call in the like mind of the collapsed world history.
intentionally misguided, having our eyes blind held.
we may not close our eyes though,
instead, we must realize that if this continues,
child will walk into Earth, in bringing
martial competition to the world.
result, we will walk into a feeling of war.

loving heart and soul will bring in the like minded souls
to earth.

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