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[GMW #3255] Establish The Parliament Of Man, The Federation Of The World

[GMW #3255] Establish The Parliament Of Man, The Federation Of The World Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 3001 to 3500

~ Idea 3655 ~
President Truman's favorite poem by Alfred Tennyson, 1842:
For I dipped into the future far as human eye could see
Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that could be;
Saw the heavens filled with commerce, argosy of magic sails
Pilots of the purple twilight dropping down with costly bails;
Heard the heavens filled with shouting, and there rained a ghastly dew
From the nations air and navies grappling in the central blue...
Till the war drum throbbed no longer, and the battle flags were furled
In the parliament of man, the federation of the world...
The President carried a copy of this poem in his wallet and often showed it and read it to the people. He was deeply moved by Tennyson's vision of the establishment of "the parliament of man, the federation of the world". That became his dream too. It should become the dream of every head of state.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,
Volume II The Art of Personal Happy Living
Chapter 8, Of Health

Nearly twenty-five hundred years ago, Hippocrates, the 'father' of medicine, said these profound words:

"A wise person should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how, by his own thought, to derive benefit from his illnesses."
"Your food shall be your medicine, and your medicine shall be your food."


UN News: UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire Archive
References: Earth Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children, Women, IndigenousPeople
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

Life is an opportunity given to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the soul.
~ Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan,
Bowl of Saki

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