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[GMW SPECIAL] Joining The Celebrations Of The United Nations International Day Of Peace

[GMW SPECIAL] Joining The Celebrations Of The United Nations International Day Of Peace
Dearest Barbara and Good Morning World Readers;
Dear colleagues Universal Peace Ambassadors and friends;

About A Movement To Nurture Humanity, To Live IN Peace.

At times I come up with new words when I think of "the obvious" of new words and their content, or of a circumstance, of nurturing people's hearts and minds, then I say, wait, I need to elaborate on this furthermore, I journal about it and explain it. I love moments like this when Spirit Source and I are in complete alignment...
When I meditate and speak of DREAMOLOGY I hit on something important, namely that this dear planet needs a science of dreams, the importance of imagination, the ability to perceive and to transcend "the psychological temperatures of humanity in this miraculous planet The Earth, and of the Universe." Imagination is a kind of sensitivity to perceive, to read these temperatures, the fabric of the Universe and to craft into being possible "worlds" not in physical yet, but cooking themselves into being and turning them into what we call "human dreams", a match to this time and space reality, up to speed to where we are and what we are or becoming, so far.
Each one of us is a match only to the energy of who we are and of where we are. There is so much more out there, suspended in the cosmos, I call them orphan dreams, and it is up to us to bridge them, to give birth to them. The heart is instrumental to craft dreams into being. We must listen to our heart impulses.
We have heard some prominent spiritual leaders talking about the importance and the meaning of having dreams and of to write them down, to give birth to them. We deal of course with this in psychology, philosophy and other sciences on Earth and among a kind of human understanding in physical but there is so much more of human heart's desires and their dreams in cosmic forms, in non-physical. All this magical process which all human beings are perfectly capable of doing is so important that it merits to be a science of its own, a separate Department in Universities perhaps dedicated to the Science of Dreamology. It is a divine gift that we have as Spiritual Humans to be able to imagine and to dream, more so to give birth to our dreams.
We should also have another science called SPIRUTOLOGY, the science of spirituality. At times it seems that we think that we have to make space in our lives to practice spirituality. To me spirituality is everything, try to be without spirit. The spirituality of shopping for example, who will think that there is anything spiritual about shopping. But, there is, indeed, we are taking spirit with us wherever we go and the choices in our lives are of a spiritual nature because it nurtures our whole being, our perception of self, our values, and how we want to transcend in this life. We create ourselves. Nothing exist "outside" of spirit, everything is "spirit life, spirit evolving." That to me is spirituality. Everything that comes from or Spirit is born and its purpose is to evolve its essence. The essence of Spirit Source is love. Love is about creating in freedom to prosper, to give life to life. The premise of Spirit Source is always to be IN love.
Nothing that has ever existed or that is created or that will ever be created lacks of love. The purpose of life is love. The purpose of love is life. There is no life without freedom and the joy of a never-ending-evolving...
How am I doing?
Dreamology and Spirituology. They are both such a positive and important source for self-appreciation. When we appreciate the essence of who we are, when we like ourselves, we feel happy, we feel free. To understand the dimension of who we are as Spiritual Human Beings is a very important subject for self study and self-reflection. Life is to fall in love with ourselves.
All Religions should transcend into Spirituology, to humanize the premises of their actions-in-love, of their "rules-of-living" in mindful love. Humanization is not to be away from Spirit, rather, to become aware of the value the miraculous divine beings that humans are...we are off the charts... :)
I also believe that the world needs a new science that could be included as a subject of study at all Universities and Colleges, High Schools and Elementary Education, all over the world; The Science of Happyology. There are extreme varieties of ways for each miraculous spiritual human being to find its own happiness, their own place to flow Spirit Source Happiness through us humans because each person is living and evolving differently. It is imperative, to focus on a Science of Happiness. All Heads of States should create a Department of Happiness in their Government and begin to survey, to work on culture-base programs to achieve happiness for its people, where they are and with the unique aspects of their culture. A culture is a cluster of energy of divine human forms thinking and feeling alike... but each culture has its own potential... and this has to be nurture.
Can you imagine when extraterrestrials come to visit us and what if they find Libraries of Happyology all over our divine planet, created by us Divine Spiritual Humans, about the ways we have identified, mastered and lived by to give us "the wings" for self creation and for evolution, for peaceful coexistence, on affairs related to what makes our hearts happy, to what nurtures peace-full civilizations, can you imagine this? Like the Egyptians that left records of their positive aspects as a culture, as Divine Spiritual Humans, for all cosmic beings to know about their heart ways. What a fascinating science Happyology would it be!
We must disarm our hearts and minds, nurture self-appreciation and only then we will realize that armaments and wars are obsolete, and a contradiction to our divine nature.
I am feeling very optimistic about life, about our Spiritual Human Family, about our prosperity-IN-love, about our dreams and the freedom of each one of us, to put wings to our dreams, about our choices-IN-love, about the birth of more human hearts IN peace and IN love. :)
To all members of our Divine Spiritual Family, living together in this magical, miraculous planet The Earth... Happy International Day of Peace.
Let's be festive!  Let’s give birth to Peace.  Let’s give birth to love.
I love you, I do!

UN News: UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire Archive
References: Earth Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children,Women, IndigenousPeople
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

I dedicate this article to my mentor, friend and world spiritual leader,
Dr. Robert Muller, and to dearest Barbara Gaughen-Muller.

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