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[GMW Special] - Enthusiasm - A Spiritual Power To Accomplish Your Heart's Desires

[GMW Special] -Enthusiasm - A Spiritual Power To Accomplish Your Heart's Desires
Enthusiasm - A Spiritual Power To Accomplish Your Heart's Desires

IDEAS 4101 TO 4200


An important text which explains so well enthusiasm (en theos, God in us).

"Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world, it beats money and power and influence. Single-handed the enthusiast convinces and dominates where the wealth accumulated by a small army would scarcely raise a tremor of interest.

Enthusiasm tramples over prejudice and opposition, spurns inaction, storms the citadel of its object, and like an avalanche overwhelms and engulfs all obstacles.

It is nothing more or less than faith in action.

Faith and initiative rightly combined remove mountainous barriers and achieve the unheard of and the miraculous.

Set the germ of enthusiasm afloat in your home, in your plant, in your office, or in your farm; carry it in your attitude and manner; it spreads like contagion and influences every fiber of your industry before you realize it; it means increase in production and decrease in costs; it means joy, and pleasure, and satisfaction to your workers; it means life, real, vital; it means spontaneous bedrock results - the vital things that pay dividends."

Enthusiasm comes from the idea "to be inspired or possessed by God."

It is defined as "inspiration by a divine or superhuman power."

When you get enthusiastic about your life, when you look at yourself and get excited about what you see, spiritual power is unleashed in your life and you are lifted and transformed.

"Well", you say, "But I don't like what I see".

Excellent. Now is your opportunity to choose to see yourself in a new and different way. Now is the time to grab the "but" by its meaninglessness and do a different thing.

It's about unleashing your indwelling divinity to accomplish your heart's desire. I behold the Christ in you and see it active in every area of your worthy life and I invite you to do the same." ~ Henry Chester. I fully agree with this great statement.

I try to change enthusiastically what I do not like to see. I work with enthusiasm for the establishment of peace and paradise on Earth, even if it seems impossible. At least enthusiasm gets me closer to it.

Please dear reader, work with enthusiasm for good causes. You will be astonished. Miracles will happen and untold happiness will be yours.
~ Robert Muller

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