Thursday, March 11, 2010

[GMW #1913] All Humanity, Nations, Institutions Devoted To Unparalleled Thinking, Action, Inspiration, Elevation And Love To Achieve A Peaceful United Human Family

[GMW #1913] All Humanity, Nations, Institutions Devoted To Unparalleled Thinking, Action, Inspiration, Elevation And Love To Achieve A Peaceful United Human Family
Thursday 11 March 2010, Editor: Easy
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Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 1 to 500
Introduction To Ideas 301 to 400
7.  Early decision by the UN General Assembly to prepare and celebrate the year 2000

There are only a few years left to the turn of the century and of a millennium. 

For the sake of a better future and the acceleration of the solution of our problems, it is of paramount importance for the General Assembly to decide to prepare and celebrate the year 2000.  As was the case for the celebration of the UN's 50th anniversary, the General Assembly should establish a special commission for that purpose and ask all governments to create national commissions. 

The remaining years to the Bimillenium must be devoted by all humanity, nations and institutions to unparalleled thinking, action, inspiration, elevation and love to solve our remaining problems and to achieve a peaceful, united human family on our marvelous planet in the next century and millennium.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,  
Volume III Chapter I - The Span Of Life
To whomever approaches you, be an inspirer, an awakener, a giver and enhancer of life and happiness.

UN News Sources - UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service , UN Wire News Archive
References: Earth Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Rights of: Children, Women, Indigenous People
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

 Sometimes we behave as though there was
something more important than life.
But what?

Antoine de Saint-Exup'ry

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Happy Birthday

My favorite Robert's birthday story was when the Franciscan order of the Americas marched from Cuidad Colon to University For Peace maybe 10 years ago. 

After visiting the statue of St. Francis, the large group moved to the overfilled assembly hall to celebrate a mass, not knowing that it was Robert's birthday.

A tearful Robert, with joy, declared that was the first mass ever celebrated at University For Peace and for his bithday.

It was a powerful experience for all there. 

Thank you Robert for being born to choose to dedicate your life  to the UN, University For Peace,COSTA RICA,


your firend in peace,
charles de palma,
cuidad colon,c.r.

Happy Birthday Robert !

You have given each of us
and Mother Earth
and the Cosmos

May your birthday and each and every day be continually fulfilling.
In deepest appreciation,
Gale, Taos

Happy Birthday

Dear Robert

I met you many years ago (1983) at the UN.  Susan brought us to you as we were preparing for the International Youth Year in '84.

You were an inspiration to me then as you are now.  I am now the NGO delegatel and every time I go to the UN I think of you.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.


Peace and all goodness,

Day of Birth

Robert Muller, you have been an inspiration to me and a hero as well.

An old hymn:

"Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide,

In the strife of truth with falsehood, For the good or evil side....

New occasions teach new duties, Time makes ancient good uncouth;

They must upward still and onward, Who would keep abreast of truth."

Jas. Russell Lowell 1819-91)..

I think that is a good summary for your life & service.

Wishing you much more of everything!

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