Monday, September 24, 2007

[GMW #1308] Two Fundamental United Nations: All United Earth Organization (AEO) And An All Humanity Organization

[GMW #1308] Two Fundamental United Nations: All United Earth Organization (AEO) And An All Humanity Organization
Monday 24 September 2007, Editor: Easy
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Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 6501 to 7000

~ Idea 6602 ~

We humans should never forget that the nature of the earth is superior to whatever we will produce. Just think of the innumerable trees, flowers and animals she produces.

I therefore repeat that there should be two fundamental United Nations:

An All United Earth Organization (AEO)
And an All Humanity Organization (AHO)

They would both report to an All Humanity Supreme Council dealing primarily with the future of the Earth and humanity, century by century to the year 3000.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living, Volume II Chapter 8 Of Health
Life does not want to die.

It has within itself marvelous life-sustaining, life-preserving, self-healing mechanisms. Just observe the healing of a wound and you will see how wonderful our body is.

It is in our highest interest to prevent these stupendous mechanisms from deteriorating: we should not poison them; we should not overload them; we should not overwork them. For instance, blood is a primary healing and cleaning agent. Put alcohol in it and its role is numbed, almost killed.

From: Kathy J. Ward

September 21

Dearest Barbara and Robert:

Happy happy International Day For Peace... so let's activate the word peace in our lives and in our communities by co-creating the betterment that we want to see in the world. Please find below two peace corners made by elders and their caregivers... and a poem "Reflection For Peace."

Reflection For Peace
by Kathy J. Ward
Universal Peace Ambassador

May the divine LOVE
nurture and help me become
May there be PEACE on earth.

I am giving peace a chance,
it means
in my thoughts, in my writings,
in my heart, in my words,
in my actions, in my hands,
in my eyes, in my soul.

For the war is not only around me
but perhaps trapped...
in my thoughts, my writings,
my heart, my words, my actions,
my hands, my eyes, my soul...

So I begin today, for tomorrow will be much too late,
day-by-day progress is made
waves of love are attained:
for those who lose dreaming are lost,
for what I am only part of what I create.
I am a child of this universe,
a peacemaker,
a JOY to the world.

Sing a song for PEACE tonight
sing with me, YOU and I
holding hands, letting the sound travel
and the fragrance of love inspire
new beginnings, turning times and tides...

Together... always together.

PEACE begins with one spark,
it all begins with YOU and I.

Peace be with you!

Kathy Ward


by Robert Muller

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