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[GMW #4615] Beautiful Humanity & Earth Before Year 3000

[GMW #4615] Beautiful Humanity & Earth Before Year 3000 Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 3001 to 4000

A Forward Look, A View of the Year 3000

I died in Costa Rica as Chancellor Emeritus of the UN University for Peace, after more than half a century of service with the United Nations.

In January 3000 God resurrected me in San José to see if the hopes I had expressed for the year 3000 and 5000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World  had been fulfilled.

I could not believe my eyes: San José had decided to stop growing! All slums and ugly structures had disappeared or were beautified. There were trees, flowers and birds everywhere. The cars were noiseless and non-polluting, all electrical. I saw no bars with people drinking alcohol. No one was smoking. There were no ugly, giant advertisements, no noisy motorcycles, only bicycles. The air was clear and pure. There was no trash anywhere. The people were not rushing. They were smiling, well dressed, looking happy.  Many were old but much younger looking and healthier than at my time. I saw no obese people, exercise was done each morning, often in the family and in public. The women were very beautiful, attractive even in advanced age. Children were playing peace games and youth were holding peaceful discussions about the miracles of human life and of planet Earth.  The old iron fences protecting houses from robbers had disappeared or had been covered with fruit producing vines.

God then took me to the University for Peace in its paradise of hills and tropical nature, a few miles away from the city.  There I met the current Chancellor.  I asked him, "What has happened in the world since my time?  Is the miracle I have seen in San José a reality everywhere?"

He answered, "Yes, this is what happened:

In 2005, during the 60th anniversary of the UN, all heads of states of planet Earth met in the UN General Assembly to create a momentous turning point in human history. They had reports by the world's most eminent scientists who pointed out that with carbon dioxide emissions of 12,000 tons every minute, a species disappearing every five hours, one-third of the Earth's nature destroyed since 1970, a world population which increased from 2.5 billion in 1952 to 6.1 billion in 2000 and expected to stabilize only at 10.7 billion, a consumption explosion many times bigger than the population explosion, the Earth would be finished and life would disappear from it within thirty years.

The heads of states reacted, remained in session for months, having decided to transform the UN into a model proper Earth government to take necessary action and coordinate the actions of all nations united in Continental Unions: the European Union, African, American, Asian and Australian Unions.

All UN agencies were transformed into World Ministries: a World Population Ministry, a World Health Ministry, Ministries of the Environment, of Climate, the Atmosphere, the Waters, the Seas and Oceans, Energy, Habitat, Education, Employment, etc.  Ministries of the Future, of Love, Hope, Peace, Happiness, Ethics and Philosophy were created in every national government.

Each Continental Union and all governments created the same Ministries, with some special ones to take account of local conditions: e.g. Ministries of the Deserts, Ministries of the Arctic and the Antarctic.  Elections were held in all countries at the same time and for the same duration.

Two main world political parties replaced the old, obsolete antiquated ones: the World Party of the Poor and the Natural Law Party created already in your time in 85 countries by scientists.

The World Security System foreseen in the United Nations Charter was at long last established, allowing yearly savings of military and armaments expenditures of a trillion dollars, the same sum as all other governmental expenditures of nations.  With that sum available all the problems you knew at your time could be solved: hunger, the homeless, extreme poverty, illiteracy, etc.  World engineering projects and common world public services were created jointly by governments, thus avoiding the colossal duplications and costs for the same purposes in 200 countries. As a result the efficiency of the world economy became a miracle. A yearly world budget was at long last established.

Urged by the European Parliament, the heads of states created an Earth Parliament as part of the new Earth government and devised an entirely new democracy.  They also decided to hold two major world conferences: on the future Evolution of the Earth and of Humanity.

Plans were established for each decade and each century.  The successes achieved in each period were reported to the people and celebrated world-wide.  All big cities stopped growing by 2010, more people living and remaining on the land; electric cars were the rule by 2020; the world population stabilized at 7.5 billion in 2050, year in which poverty was also eliminated; ever more people learned to live in harmony, peace and cooperation; a new world education on the basis of your World Core Curriculum was provided in all schools on Earth; all wars, including ethnic and religious wars became a thing of the past; the religions cooperated in a new world institution, the United Religions Organization, an idea of yours implemented in 2000; a world-wide spiritual Renaissance took place.

The excitement and hope generated by these successes changed the whole evolution of the Earth.  Humanity turned from negative pessimism to positive optimism, ideas, actions and living.  Your 5000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World  were emulated by tens of thousands by people.  Your three volumes of the Miracle, Joy and Art of Living  and your biography were translated and published in all languages of the world.

As a result you see now a wonderful, well-preserved true paradise Earth and a happy, fulfilled humanity, a true miracle of evolution.  All former evils like poverty, excessive wealth and power, wars, violence, armaments are gone as did in earlier periods slavery, racism, apartheid and colonialism.  We have become a cosmic success on miraculous planet Earth, a true paradise in the universe."

When the Chancellor finished I thanked him, had a last warm look at my beloved Peace University, saw my bust next to that of Peace Pilgram at the Peace Monument and was returned to heaven by God who asked me:

"Are you happy?"

I embraced Him with love, "Yes, I could not believe my eyes. My 5000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World and Dream 3000 have been fulfilled."

And God commented, "Well remember that whenever you despaired and were ready to give up, I always told you: continue to hope and never give up, never.  Hope, love and ideas will change the world.  Ora et labora.  Pray and work.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,
Volume II - The Art of Personal Happy Living
Chapter 10 - Of Dreams, Visions and Ideals

We should raise our heads and hearts above current reality and think and dream of a new reality more in line with the imperatives of our cosmic evolution and will of God.

UN News: UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire Archive
References: Earth CharterUniversal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children,Women,IndigenousPeople
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

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