Friday, July 24, 2020

[GMW #4610] Humanity A Part Of Earth's Totality Of Living Nature

[GMW #4610] Humanity A Part Of Earth's Totality Of Living Nature Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 3001 to 4000

~ Idea 4996 ~
What is still wrong and dangerous on the part of humans is that we continue to make a distinction between us, humanity and the Earth.  This can be fatal to our future: we must absolutely consider ourselves as part of the Earth, of her living nature, of all her elements, the totality of which we call nature.  If we do not do that we will perish together, with, or after nature.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,
Volume II - The Art of Personal Happy Living
Chapter 10 - Of Dreams, Visions and Ideals

The whole world stops and listens when someone comes with the right new vision at the right time.

UN News: UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire Archive
References: Earth CharterUniversal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children,Women,IndigenousPeople
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

Daily Ray of Hope Photo by Victoria Morrow | Great egret at Pismo Beach, California

Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.
~ Edward Abbey

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