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[GMW Special] Happiness Day & It's Creation With Notes For Robert's Birthday

[GMW Special] Happiness Day & It's Creation With Notes For Robert's Birthday
It's Happiness Day 2016
March 20, 2016

The creation of the universal world wide Happiness Day is revealed below in the notes
from Robert's birth day - extra special post

Happiness Day's creation and ever more ways of celebrating Happiness Day is a great example of how people pass on and work with the star light thread of wonderful ideas until they appear for the whole world to enjoy. Imagine that, it's as if the ideas - dreams star light is self organizing - self creating.
Like this conversation for Robert's birthday:
Barbara wrote:

My late husband, Dr. Robert Muller would have been 93 today, March 11.
Robert I want you to know the gifts you have given me are gathering momentum:

Your inspiration, your wisdom, and the gift of  courage to walk in the unknown, have helped me live my life fully and carry our Love of Peace into the future, where it will find its true destiny.

Robert, you knew that Peace is possible and I feel the reality of Peace is just around the corner and I hope it is in my life time.

I love you, Barbara
Marilyn wrote:

Today would have been Dr. Robert Muller's 93rd birthday. He was my mentor and friend.

UN declared March 20 as the International Day of Happiness in 2013.

The impetus was Robert's. In 2004 he suggested that I request the King of Bhutan to propose to the UN an international day of happiness. Bhutan, and to a small extent yours truly, worked for nine years till the UN proclamation in 2013.

This March 20th, we are launching Love Peace Harmony Foundation and song.I can visualize Robert smiling as he looks down from heaven.

Thank you dear Robert.

Love Peace Harmony - Chanting For World Peace

We become what we chant: Sing for love, peace and harmony. One song can change the world.

Watch and listen - Chant Now: Change Yourself, Change the World -

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony
Maria wrote:
What a special man Dr. Mueller was.
I was honored to have met him.
May peace win out soon.
Gloria: Thank you Marilyn for sharing this inside story to the international day of happiness. Good job!
I can feel the love Barbara! I felt him at the UN when you were here. Hugs to you!
Thanks Barbara for sharing. Robert is still a great inspiration today, including active UN staff! Best, Jürgen
## Dr ROBERT MULLER was a Caring & Wise Man of Inspiration.

A practical Philosopher and Visionary.

I am grateful to have known and worked with him on such projects as his UN University for Peace dream he actualized in Costa Rica - the creative, beautiful and peaceful Country in the Heart of the Americas ...
The joy I feel rereading these posts confirmed again how much Robert Muller meant to each of you my dearest friends.
Thank you for taking a moment of your precious lives to share with me and others who I dearly love. How special you each are to me and Robert too.

From Lionel Ketchian
Happiness Club

Dr. Robert Muller and The International Day Of Happiness, March 20, 2016.

I first came to know about Dr. Muller when I read his book, Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness, many years ago. I consider this book among the ten best books I have ever read. It was then that I knew that I was reading about a man that understood happiness better than anyone else in our time. I learned that at a young age he experienced the horrors of World War II, because the Nazis imprisoned him. This was the case even though he was born in Belgium and was a Catholic. At the end of the war, Dr. Muller decided to devote his life to peace. He equipped himself with a doctorate degree in law from the University of Strasbourg. In 1947, Dr. Muller won a contest initiated by the United Nations with an essay on world government. He was invited to join the UN as an intern in 1948.

In 2002 I interviewed Dr. Muller and his wonderful wife Barbara. I asked Dr. Muller about his religious outlook and he said all religions must realize the spiritual answers to life and not get stuck on being right. Dr. Muller possessed the youngest and happiest mind I have ever had the privilege to know. He loves nature, and he is chock-full of gratitude. His says, "Life is an incredible miracle. We really need to be conditioned to happiness. We must become joyful."

Sunday, March 20, is United Nations International Happiness Day. I propose that Dr. Robert Muller be considered part of the very foundation for Happiness Day. His work, his words and his deeds will teach future generations the importance of happiness. Dr. Robert Muller was a former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. Dr. Muller's distinguished career at the United Nations has spanned nearly 40 years. During his tenure with the world body, he contributed significantly to the creation of a number of its specialized agencies. He is considered the "father of global education."

I had the opportunity to be friends with Robert. I have spent many hours just chatting with him on the phone. He would become so excited about aspects of happiness that we spoke about. I consider the time we had together to be a very rare and wonderful gift.

Robert is a man that I consider one of the greatest pioneers for peace and happiness.

Dr. Muller wrote this poem, "Decide to be happy. Render others happy. Proclaim your joy. Love passionately your miraculous life. Do not listen to promises. Do not wait for a better world. Be grateful for every moment of life. Switch on and keep on the positive buttons in yourself; those marked

optimism, serenity, confidence, positive thinking, love.
Pray and thank God every day.
Meditate - Smile - Laugh - Whistle - Sing - Dance.

Look with fascination at everything. Fill your lungs and heart with liberty. Be yourself fully and immensely. Act like a king or queen unto Death. Feel God in you body, mind, heart, and soul. And be convinced of eternal life and resurrection."

Go on this link and watch the video we made with me, Lionel Ketchian interviewing both his wife, Barbara and Dr. Robert Muller in: Conversations About Happiness, discussing Robert's amazing story and inspirational book: Most of All,They Taught Me Happiness. It is 38 minutes long and it will have an impact on your happiness and your life.

What Gandhi was to nonviolence, Dr. Muller is to happiness and peace. Dr. Muller is a hero and role model for me and the world. He has taught us that happiness can make the world a better place to live. He said, "Decide To Be Happy." He is still reaping the benefits of that decision and so are we.

I went to the United Nations on International Happiness Day 2013.  Dr. T. Hamid Al-Bayati is the man responsible for introducing the UN resolution#66/281 proclaiming March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. I heard him speak and he was excellent. I met with him after and had a wonderful meeting with him. I told him about Robert and gave him the DVD we made of his interview on my TV show.

I proposed that we acknowledge Robert for his work for happiness and peace and play the video next year. He said that he had known Robert and thought that was a good idea.

Here is a picture of us together. Can you see Robert between us?


Sharing Real Love, Lasting Peace, Brilliant Health & Enduring Happiness with you,
Lionel Ketchian
Happiness Club
Mind Health Matters Radio Show with Bernie Siegel MD & Co-Host Lionel

Dearest Barbara and GMW readers:

Has Any Elder Ever Changed Your Life For The Better?

What a joy is to be able to start this beautiful new day thinking happy thoughts. For everyone, happy international day of focusing on choosing to think how to craft happiness into being. How to perform more actions-in-love and to see the world and everything around us with optimism. Yes, this is a choice, so, decide to be happy. :)

Dearest Barbara, I want to remember about a conversation that I once had with Robert while staying at your home a few years ago, precisely for a seminar to present Robert's book; "Most Of All They Taught Me Happiness", in Santa Barbara Buddhist Temple and the Area Agency on Aging. 

Katherine: Robert, what's on your mind this morning.

Robert: When I worked at the United Nations no meeting could begin without playing Ode To Joy of Beethoven with my harmonica. I can not resist not to play the harmonica. I was known at the United Nations as the prophet of Hope. Even if you don't have a harmonica, have your own music of life and do not let anyone brings you down. Too many people have already died with their music inside.

Robert Playing Ode To Joy At Agape Unity Church To Great Applause And The Story Of How He Came To Be A Harmonica Player

    Harmonica Story
    Ode to Joy

Katherine: Is there a way to please everyone?

Robert: Well, when I do not focus on me, instead, I focus on the common good. Can you imagine how China would feel if I say that their God is not God. I prefer to turn this around and

talk about the good in everyone and
the possibilities that we all have to contribute.
We need world union.

Katherine: Robert, why did you chose the path of happiness at the United Nations?

Because life is divine. When I was three years old I used to go to a church next to our home and I would tell everyone, life is divine!!! Happiness is a kind of law and we can't afford not to be happy. Make every effort to be proud of being alive.

I was happy today that I was able to speak at your seminar with Barbara and to talk about how happiness is therapeutic and a source of healing. What do you think Robert, of how is happiness a source of healing?

Every day I take time to look at myself in the mirror and say, I forgive you. Forgive to be happy.

Write down all the reasons why you are happy.
Give more than what you have.
If you are at service, you'll be eternally happy.

Katherine: Robert I want to open my heart and share my happiness with you today. You are a magnificent elder, older than 75 years. When I heard you speak for the first time I have never before seen an elder, someone of your age, talk about dreams as if they were a topic of conversation among adults. I was taught that dreams were part of a world of fantasy for children, but you gave meaning to my life in so many ways because I have lived and grew up dreaming dreams and thought that I was "cooking" them, that I was giving them time to turn them into reality. I often said to myself, I can not leave my dreams as orphans. I have to believe in my dreams. But I was doing this silently. Now I met someone, you, another person that has not lost its child like enthusiasm and heart.

Robert, thank you for being alive, for sharing your words and wisdom with the human family... and thank you for a being a magnificent elder. You were talking to me about your tomb... what comes to my mind is you being part of the universe, eternally, as a happy star. I can't imagine you in a box. I can imagine you instead as a shinning star in the universe. Poets look at stars to find inspiration and meaning. Those who wonder look at the stars for guidance. Many of us look at stars to dream, to connect with our hearts, to get inspired and shape our dreams. For the spark on your eyes, today I can say that I met a shinning star on earth.

GMW readers, long ago I decided to create a world of my own. I decided to live in this world and to imagine that my ways are going to model and teach people that my beautiful world of peace, of love and happiness does exist. In my world if there is not a holiday today or this week, then I create one but I live every day mindfully as a celebration of joy and appreciation.

Every day is a holy-day,
a celebration of the miracle of life.
You're invited.

Don't wait for the world to be perfect, to be a better place. Decide to imagine your better world, give it a heart and let your heart speak its music.

Thank you dearest Barbara for your beautiful light and for all that you do for all of us. And thank you to dearest Robert too. For me, to die is a happy graduation. :)

Love and light!

I want to share this Personal Declaration Of Happiness, that I created as a self-help therapeutic tool for meditation, for personal reflection and to decide from today on to be happy.

Click here to download and to print this document.

@BePeaceINLove (Twitter)

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