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[GMW Extra Special] My Dreams As A Child - Robert Muller 11 March 2001 - My 78th Birthday

[GMW Extra Special] My Dreams As A Child - Robert Muller 11 March 2001 - My 78th Birthday

Robert Muller
11 March 2001
my 78th birthday

My Dreams as a Child

At my advanced age I am constantly drawn back to my basic dreams and values when I was a child of 4 or 5 years old.  They were:

1. That life was divine, a true miracle.  The people of my hometown were surprised to hear a child of that age declare in our local Germanic dialect of Alsace-Lorraine: "Das Laeve isch Göttlich," life is divine.

2. I had a deep passion for nature.  The blooming of a cherry tree in spring and the possession of my own hen were true miracles.  I describe these feelings in my book of memories Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness.

3. I could not understand that the river crossing our town was a border, that the people living on the other side of it were not French but "enemies", "Germans" to be hated although they had the same names as my father and mother (Muller, Schneider) and spoke the same language.  Why did the sun, the clouds and the birds cross that border freely, and I could not?  I swore that if in my lifetime I could do something to suppress them, I would do it.

4. My Father was surprised that when I met old persons I took off my cap to salute them.  He wondered why: it was because these old people knew so much about life and I dreamt that some day I would be old and know as much as they knew.

5. I escaped from home early in the morning to attend the mass at dawn in the nearby church, attended only by old people and nuns.  An old invalid was playing the organ.  And I waited for the elevation of the host toward heaven.  This was a very special miraculous moment for me: it gave me the feeling of belonging to the universe, to God, the Father in heaven.  I often proclaimed in a loud voice, "Das Laeve isch Göttlich," life is divine.

These were key points of my early childhood which never left me during my life.  I often refer to them in my writings and speeches.  They explain a lot of what happened to me, of my stubborn dreams, ideas and initiatives for a divine nature, for peace and a happy, borderless, wonderful world, of my beliefs and values, my constant increase of world knowledge, of my mishaps and failures, but also of many successes beyond my wildest dreams.

On this birthday I thank You, dear God for the long, wonderful, truly magical life You had in store for me and I promise You to continue to do my very best for as long as You will bless me with the miraculous gift of life.

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