Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moon Guard

when i was looking at the photo of our moon, the moon changed the shape of its design.
a humble guard and planetarium appeared.

moon guard guided by the planetarium, seeing all the stars, the souls and the energy of the afterlife guiding our solar system.
the planetarium showing the heart of the guard, he appears and act in the individual that brings the afterlife information to this dimension. 

the gatekeeper of the connecting path of the afterlife and this dimension that he is,
the guard remembers his lifetime in seeing wars, to never bring again another war.

and he changed the tuning of the planetarium mechanism to be the moon,
the guard, and his soul continues to guard our moon, our earth, and our solar system.

gatekeeper opens the door, calls in the souls to this dimension,
and they become the stars in the planetarium.

the guard continues to start the nightly reflection and
lookout in the souls of earth that brings about new stories in the planetarium.
and i look back at the planetarium.

~ Saori

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