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[GMW #4672] Dialogue With Inner Child

[GMW #4672] Dialogue With Inner Child Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 3001 to 4000

~ Idea 6057 ~ 
Another lady made me rediscover the child in me and gave me even a gift for it!

Henceforth I will have a dialogue with that child, as I have with God.

What a world it would be if all adults would preserve the child in them! I promise to spread the message. I do it already with the elderly, but will also do it with children and adults.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,
Volume II - The Art of Personal Happy Living
Chapter 11 - Of Gratitude
At least once in a while, if not often we should thank every organ of our body, our heart, our brain, our lungs, the trillions of little cells who faithfully, day and night, give us such wonderful service.

They need, they are thirsty of some encouragement to function well and not to fall sick or give up.

Gratitude might be a very important factor of good health. Why not try it. It is so simple.

UN News: UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire Archive
References: Earth CharterUniversal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children,Women,IndigenousPeople
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

Daily Ray of Hope
Roseville, CaliforniaPhoto by Linda Hall | Peregrine falcon in Roseville, California If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.
~ Maya Angelou

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