Monday, January 16, 2017

[GMW #3792] A United Humanity and A United Earth Are The Most Vital

[GMW #3792] A United Humanity and A United Earth Are The Most Vital Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 3001 to 4000
~ Idea 4187 ~
We have United Airlines, United Oil, United States, United Kingdom, United innumerable things except the most vital one, a United Humanity, a United Earth.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,
Volume III - The Seasons of Life
Chapter 7 - Return to Mother Earth
The last words of Socrates:
"Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius.
Do pay it. Don't forget.";

Will you remember to pay the debt?"

UN News: UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire Archive
References: Earth Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children,Women, IndigenousPeople
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

Daily Ray of Hope
Paso Robles,
              California Photo by Ronnie Goyette |  Paso Robles, California

There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I.
~ John Steinbeck

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