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Essential IDEAS and DREAMS for a Better World from Robert Muller

1. "I will repeat and repeat what I have to say again and again until nations will listen and change."

2. "Humanity, like an individual, needs a purpose, dreams, new visions, shores to swim at, peaks to climb. Our next target must be the year 3000."

3. "My fundamental, most sacred allegiance is not to a nation, to an ideology, to a religion, but to life itself. As long as all humans do not follow this rule, there will be no peace on Earth."

4. "The love of country has succeeded in binding people at the national level. The great new historical challenge is love among all Earth inhabitants and for the Earth."

5. "God looking down upon the Earth does not see any borders, nations, races, religions or corporations but only the Earth, her living creatures and the human family."

6. "One happy human family of several billion individuals on one little planet in the fathomless universe and eternal stream of time, that is the central challenge of tomorrow's Earth's government."

7. "The first duty of Earth government will be to determine what is right in the total framework of the universe, of time, of our planet and of humanity. The real, most advanced human story will then begin!"

8. "We have made great progress of late towards the concept and concerns of the whole Earth or globe or planet. We must make similar progress towards the concepts and concerns of the whole human family, the global human race and planetary citizenship."

9. "The majority of political leaders tomorrow should be women biologists and no longer male lawyers and economists."

10. "It is not so much the world which we should govern or manage well but ourselves."

11. "The instruments, frameworks, institutions, forms, formalities and procedures of tomorrow's whole Earth government are less important than the principle of such government and its planetary, cosmic and all-human objectives."

12. "I do not know any artist or poet who has glorified nuclear missiles."

13. "Let there be no illusions: armaments will only disappear when national sovereignties will disappear, for their main purpose is to protect, maintain, assert, strengthen and expand these sovereignties. To discuss disarmament is therefore fruitless. We should discuss instead the disovereignization of nations."

14. "It is not only the world-wide demand for greater justice, physical well-being and education which is at the root of the present world crises. Much deeper is the process of planetization, a major phase in the Earth's evolution."

15. "Planetization will force the global community to undertake new tasks for the happiness of all human beings in the global community. This is the awesome challenge to the impending planetary management or Earth governance."

16. "World government has two ways of behaving: like a good mother give the breast to the baby when it is feeding time, or feed it only when the baby cries of hunger. Good world government consists of foreseeing needs and preventing cries."

17. "In the United Nations one is promoted from a national human being to a universal being. It is the greatest school of an expanded consciousness and art of living at this juncture of our evolution."

18. "The only problem worth solving in our time is the place and meaning of all humans in total Creation. We have doctors to heal people. We need also enlighteners to tell us our meaning."

19. "We have learned to see into the infinitely large and infinitely small. We have made immense progress in investigating our planet's past. But we are barely beginning to conceive our future. The most important dimension of planetary management is still missing."

20. "The central challenge of our time, as of all times, is to find the right relationships between humanity, the Earth, the heavens and eternity."

21. "The greatest problems of our time are not nationalism, armaments, population or pollution. The greatest problem is the narrowness and imperfection of our love. If we solve our love problem, all the rest will follow."

22. "The highest form of cooperation is love. Love is the motor and nourishment of world cooperation."

23. "Life is divine. And this planet must be governed so that each individual life can be divine."

24. "The countries of this world should not be judged for their power, arms and wealth, but for the happiness of their people. In tomorrow's world democracy, yearly polls will be taken of the peoples' happiness. And nations should be ranked accordingly."

25. "Happiness should be the common objective of all humanity, for it is the most universal human value. It is the supreme consecration of the mystery and miracle of life."

26. "You will never be really happy if you don't understand that producers and merchants must constantly create new unhappiness in order to sell you more goods, new goods, and often pure waste."

27. "The beauties of the heavens and of nature all around us are the freest, cheapest goods on Earth. Enjoy them fully."

28. "The most important treasure we humans have in common is our planet. Each person, therefore, must be a custodian, a caretaker, a loving inhabitant of it, a planetary citizen."

29. "The human journey on this planet in the universe is so fabulous that no one should ever mar it with hatred, wars, injustice, falsehood, harming and unhappiness. Such a story commands unlimited respect, thanksgiving, wonder and joy."

30. "The world abounds with people who want to dream, to love, and to be happy. Yet happiness, love, and dreams are nowhere to be found on the agendas of governments and of world affairs. There must be something wrong with this planet's politics."

31. "There exists no theory, no science, no philosophy, no art of human happiness on this planet, from individual happiness to the happiness of all humanity, through the happiness of families, communities, cities, regions, nations, continents, religions and cultures. This most important subject has been utterly neglected. I hope that it will be put on the map."

32. "To believe in the future is the best contribution to humanity's progress. No one should commit the sin not to believe in the success of the human species. It is the most inhuman, dangerous error."

33. "Someday soon we will discover our true cosmic meaning. Then everything will fall into place on this planet. Then government will become a sacred duty, a respect for divine, cosmic laws and no longer the object of narrow humans wills, whims, interests and ambitions."

From pages 6-9 of

Ideas and Dreams for a Better World
~ IDEAS 4001 - 4500 ~

January, 2003

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