Friday, August 10, 2007

[GMW #1277] Robert Schuman - Fullfilling My Dream As A Child - A Border Free Europe

[GMW #1277] Robert Schuman - Fullfilling My Dream As A Child - A Border Free Europe
Friday 10 August 2007, Editor: Easy
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Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 6501 to 7000

~ Idea 6649 ~

Since I am now reading and writing Golden Ideas every day, I am no longer drawn down in my moral state.

For example, today I want to record here the fact that a Frenchman named Jean Monnet wrote a document at the end of World War II that a European Union should be created. He put this proposal before Robert Schuman, a compatriot from Alsace-Lorraine, who had become Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Robert Schuman, when he attended the UN General Assembly in New York, told me the following:

He was born in a place called the Drei Grenzen Ecke, the corner of the three borders of France, Germany and Luxembourg. As a young boy, having been given at Christmas a bicycle, when driving it he met each time the border of one of these countries. He didn't like it and swore to himself that if ever in his life he would have an occasion to suppress these borders, he would do it. So when as Minister of Foreign Affairs of France he received the Jean Monnet plan, one morning he woke up with the thought, "This would give me the chance to fulfill my dream as a child, to suppress the borders of Europe. And I went to my office in Paris and I signed the 'Schuman Plan'"

All the borders between the 15 countries of Europe were suppressed. And other countries which wanted to become members of the European Union had to suppress their borders too.

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