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[GMW #4308] Ministry Of Death And After Death

[GMW #4308] Ministry Of Death And After Death     Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 3001 to 4000
~ Idea 4696 ~
With a yearly number of more than 50 million dead people, increasing each year with the world population increase and aging, I feel that the time has come to create in governments a Ministry of Death and After Death.  Such a ministry would deal among others with the following subjects:
- the form of disposal of deceased persons, preferably by burial, i.e. return to the Earth
- inheritance laws
- making sure that the government does not overtax unduly the heirs, which is the case almost everywhere in the world now
- find out if the deceased has not left behind any worthy memorabilia, books, art, unpublished manuscripts and archives which might be important to the local, national and world history
- control of funeral firms, remembering the case of the French firm which for fifteen years did not burn the bodies, disposed of them in other ways and gave the families urns containing sand!

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,
Volume II - The Art of Personal Happy Living
Chapter 5 - Of Love
Einstein asked Freud: "I have not found an answer to my search for peace in my sciences. Did you find one in your field?"

Freud: "Yes. Love for the nation, e.g. for the United States, put an end to wars and conflicts between states. Love for all humanity and for the world will put an end to international wars."

Indeed, the love of country has succeeded in binding people at the national level. The great new historical challenge is to develop love among all Earth inhabitants and for the Earth herself: peace on Earth and with the Earth.

UN News: UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire Archive
References: Earth Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children,Women,IndigenousPeople
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement.
~ Jack Kornfield

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