Thursday, June 20, 2019

[GMW Special] Decide To Dream... A Tribute To Robert Muller

[GMW Special] Decide To Dream... A Tribute To Robert Muller
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A Tribute To Robert Muller

Cultivating Gratitude:

Dearest Barbara and all GMW readers, today is Sunday, June 16, today we are observing a day to celebrate Father's Day and to celebrate the seeds planted by one of our spiritual fathers, dearest Robert Muller.... and what a joy!

I thought of one of Robert's legacies teaching us about the meaning of having a Dream, to believe in your Dream and to put wings to it.  I want to share this poem that I have written for dearest Robert, changing his original poem; Decide To Dream. I dedicate this to our spiritual teacher Robert Muller on Father's Day and to you dearest Barbara, during a special moment of profound Gratitude, lighting a silver and blue candle here next to me, and saying these words for Robert...

GMW... as Robert once said, "...Dreams and Dreamers don't die."  I do believe that this is correct, specially when their dreams are rooted IN Love.

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by: Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General, United Nations

 "Please dear world peacemakers, never give up.
Together we can create peace." Robert Muller

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