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[GMW 2047] Remembering Robert

[GMW #2047] Remembering Robert
Wednesday 22 September 2010, Editor: Easy
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1923 - 2010

September 20, 2010

Index For Robert's Memorial Tribute

Remembering Robert - Part 5

Movies of Robert
by Lionel Ketchian
Conversations about Happiness

by Brian David Hardin
Robert Muller: Peaceful World
Robert Muller: Ode To Joy
Robert Muller 2 of 2: Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love
A Collection Of Robert Muller Movies

Mrs Jarvie said...
Thank you for creating this memorial. We are all lucky to have spent time on Earth with Robert.

LRothschild PhD said...
I look through some letters from the early 1990's and find a giant of a man encouraging me to continue study and become a psychologist - a debt of gratitude. Godspeed.

David Wick Robert is one of the great souls of our time! His light will forever shine as a guide of PeaceBuilding and global well being. His harmonica will be missed!

Denise Anne Sati I met Dr. Muller when he came to M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, Sufi Master in Philadelphia. He came to ask advice, discuss world peace, and Peace within. A beautiful humanitarian.

Francisco Mora thank God for giving us a very wise man will never forget you robert muller

Jean Rowe To all my FB friends: Never in my life have I known one like Dr. Robert Muller who passed on to his new level of life this week. He did more to promote peace and joyful, love-filled living on this planet than anyone I have ever known. I rec...ommend reading his books or some of his other writings. He continues as an amazing and inspiring spirit.

Alexandra Childs Do You know about this man : Robert Muller ?
Extraordinary, visionary prophet for Hope... He just passed away on the eve of Peace Day last week... I say a prayer of deep gratitude to the infinite wisdom of our Creator for giving the world this man with the heart of a poet & visionary and the soul of a peaceful warrior. ...He served the UN for 40 years, always with his focus on PEACE ~

"As for myself, when the moment will come to close my eyes on this
beautiful planet, my heart will thank and honor all those who gave me
life and the warmth of love, and [God] who permitted me to devote my
earthly sojourn to peace, justice, and the betterment of the human
condition in one of the noblest organizations ever born from the heart
of man. I will go in peace & joy, thankful for having been blessed
with the miracle of life.

I will have loved my life with passion, embraced it with fervor,
cherished every moment of it. I will have contemplated with wonder the
sky and its running clouds, my breth... "

Robert Muller's Life Celebration ~ A Prophet of Hope

I would like to express my condolences to Barbara Muller and family.

Dr. Robert Muller has made a very positive difference in my life, and has been such a positive influence in the world. I find it absolutely fascinating and amazing that Dr. Muller came into my life. 

Many years ago, I read a most incredible book called: Most of All They Taught Me Happiness, by Dr. Robert Muller. I consider it a book that can revolutionize the world. This book can show you that using happiness can save your life. This is a must read for those who want to learn about a true genius in our human evolution.

I never dreamed that one day, I would meet this incredible human being. I have had the honor and the  privilege of talking to and working with Dr. Muller and his wonderful wife, Barbara. We filmed a video together, while Robert and Barbara were visiting the United Nations a number of years ago. The video is called:
Conversations about Happiness. It can be viewed for free at HappinessClub.com. It is a 38 minute discussion between Robert, Barbara and myself.

Robert and I had a number of phone conversations that I will never forget. I asked Dr. Muller about his religious outlook and he said all religions must realize the spiritual answers to life, and not get stuck on being right. Dr. Muller possessed the youngest and happiest mind I have ever had the privilege to know. Robert loved nature, and he was chock-full of gratitude. He said to me, "Life is an incredible miracle. We really need to be conditioned to happiness. We must become joyful."

I have personally taken advantage of his wisdom, his books, and I use them daily, and I am very grateful to Dr. Muller for sharing his gifts with me.

I am so grateful to God that he has sent us great men like Dr. Robert Muller. To me, Dr. Muller is the epitome of the Citizen of Happiness. People that are in our lives to show us the way. Robert was here to show us how we can choose the right way to travel through life. I thank Dr. Muller for his extraordinary work in bringing happiness and peace into our awareness. I know that Dr. Muller's work has made a great many people happy and we in the Happiness Club continue to spread the gift of happiness to humanity.

This speaks very loudly about the fact that we never know how much GOOD the work we do in our lives can produce. We must go on doing the good which each of us is called on to do. As Oscar Wilde said so accurately, "When we are happy we are always good, but when we are good we are not always happy." Each of us can create the best environment for ourselves and for others. We can do it by choosing to use our best thinking and decision making skills, and by our responsible actions and behavior, and by the things we are doing every moment of every day to make ourselves happier and more peaceful.

What Gandhi was to nonviolence, Dr. Muller is to happiness and peace. Dr. Muller is a hero and role model for me and the world. He has taught us that happiness can make the world a better place to live. He said, "Decide To Be Happy." I believe that right now, he is reaping the benefits of that decision he told us about. If we also decide to be happy we can also benefit from them as well as change the world by our own positive actions right now. 

Sharing Real Love, Lasting Peace, Brilliant Health & Enduring Happiness with you,
Lionel Ketchian


Interview with dear Robert
Santa Barbara, CA (November 2007)
Kathy: There is a beautiful painting in your home and I would like to know the story of it. Jesus appears next to the United Nations building in New York.

Robert: This painting is a gift from a French artist. He gave it to me and told me... "here is Jesus himself knocking at your office window. If you could only have the heart to hear it and the eyes to see it."

Kathy: Robert, how is happiness therapeutic and healing?

Robert: Every day I take time to look at myself in the mirror and say, I forgive you. Forgive to be happy.
Write down all the reasons why you are happy. Give more than what you have. If you are at service, you'll be eternally happy.

Kathy: Robert, do you meditate?

Robert: Every morning I momentanize. I have the feelings of the wonders of life. I listen to nature and I know that nature listens to me. Every morning I get into me again.

Kathy: Robert, what's on your mind this morning.

Robert: I have recently read several national newspapers and as never before I am totally surprised by the lack of meaningful information. It is only a reproduction of ideas but no progress. The invisible spirit of humanity has been totally eliminated from these newspapers.

Kathy: What can we do?

Robert: Become a missionary at the moment. When I worked at the United Nations no meeting could begin without playing Ode To Joy of Beethoven with my harmonica. I can not resist not to play the harmonica. I was known at the United Nations as the prophet of Hope. Even if you don't have a harmonica have your own music of life and do not let anyone brings you down. Too many people have already died with their music inside.

Robert playing the harmonica to two dogs and then to a child. ..while taking a walk with dearest Barbara and Robert in Santa Barbara.

Peace be with you!

Remembering Robert - Part 4
Photo from Francisco Mora

Francisco Mora I Want You, I'll just say see you soon, and not for long, because I know you'll see my dear friend Robert Muller. att chichi

Ashley Young 
Leland contacted me to let me know of Robert's passing. My hope is that his soul is united with Ewert and other lifelong friends. Robert was such an inspiration to me. Am so happy to have met you both again last June. Love and peace, Ashley.

In loving memory of Dr. Robert Muller, the UN "Prophet of Hope" and inspiration to so many around the world.

Robert Muller, Former Assistant Secretary General of the UN to Three Secretaries General, passed away on September 20, 2010. He was the Co-Founder of the Int'l Day of Peace in 1981, the Founder of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize more than 20 times. Adopted into the Hopi Native American Tribe, he was lovingly known among UN Associates as a "Prophet of Hope."

In this clip, Robert Muller, Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Former Chancellor of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, discusses what he hopes for the future of humanity—which no doubt is changing. Muller, who has written many books including 7000 Ideas and Dreams ...

Robert & Father Charlie!

His Influence Will Always Be With Me

I am sorry to hear about the passing of Robert.
His words are often quoted by me in our global work.
He will be with me always.

love and gratitude,
"from the center which we call the race of men,
let the Plan of love and light work out..."

September 24, 2010

Dearest Barbara and family,

I am sending you something I included last year, in my father's, funeral service and celebration of his life. I read this to all our family and his friends at his church,  and gave it to everyone as part of a special booklet that I created of personal remembrances of all our beloved father's international contributions around the world.

I hope this reflection of your beloved comforts you and that you are able to share it with Dr. Muller's extended family, colleagues, and co-workers.  
When I die
If you need to weep,
Cry for your brother,
Walking the street beside you;
And when you need me
Put your arms around anyone
And give them what you need to give me.
I want to leave you something -
Something better than words or sound:
Look for me in the people I 've known or loved,
And if you cannot give me away
At least let me live in your eyes
And not on your mind.
You can love me most by letting hands touch hands
And by letting go of children
That need to be free.
Love does not die;
People do.
So when all that's left of me is love,
Give me away. 
Though taken from us, the ones we love live on.
Although they are now beyond the reach of our arms,
they will always be within the embrace of our never-ending love.                   

Through every moment of this difficult time,
you are being held close in my thoughts and my heart. 

                             Love,  Anne L.
Kazu Furuta
In this note:
View note

Sjoerd Auke Koppert
Sjoerd Auke Koppert I had the privilege of knowing you, you made my life richer. I will miss you, as will the rest of humanity. Thank God for your life.
Lots of strength Barbara.

Jean Rowe Robert was a great inspiration for me since early in my adult life when I met him at Windstar. His teachings on peace are priceless treasures. What a world we would have if all practiced his teachings! I will miss this bright light on our planet. Blessings on Barbara and family.

Robert Alan Silverstein Robert Muller was one of my greatest heroes and inspirations - he will be truly missed. My sincere condolences to Barbara and family.

Hundertwassers Paradise in restoration said...
I met Robert Muller at a UN conference, read his book and followed his work, he left a lasting impression and was a personal inspiration. My condolances to his wife and family.

Best wishes Chris Muth
September 20, 2010 9:03 PM
Blogger Lyna said...
The world has lost one of the greatest thinkers/dreamers and spokespersons for PEACE of our time. May we all continue to spread his ideas and dreams for a better world; as his body of work is an inspiration for decades to come. Thank you with all my heart Robert Muller for being our guiding light. For helping us believe in happiness and peace on Earth. Our love is with you!
My heartfelt condolences to Barbara Muller, clearly his champion and inspiration. Know that we're holding you in our hearts with deep sympathy and gratitude.
September 20, 2010 11:44 PM
Blogger freed said...
Seldom did I have such a deep and joyous impression like meeting Robert (and you, Barbara). At the Hague Appeal for Peace in May 1999, you were present when Fred Stern, the rainbow man, created a rainbow in your honor. Linda Grover (from the Tree Island gathering, she sadly passed away beginning this year) and several of the participants joined. You signed a Millennium Meal table. A report and a photograph is still on my website planetwork.org
I will remember you as the special person who transformed from a cynic to embrace in love literally the whole world. May you be remembered as the shiny beacon that you were during your rich life. Happily you and Barbara shared so much that you will live on in numerous others. We are all One.
September 21, 2010 12:43 AM

Blogger Marc said...
Earth has lost but Heaven has gained..
Mark Quire
September 21, 2010 4:31 AM


Blogger Dianette said...
We were and are truly blessed with his joyful and de'light-filled spirit. My favorite memory is singing "Ode To Joy" by Beethoven at the top of my lungs, accompanied by Robert on his harmonica! Bless you, Barbara, on this journey. My thoughts are with you. Celebrating Robert's life is the greatest gift we can give him in his passing.
September 21, 2010 11:04 AM

BloggerJoanie Misrack said...
Dearest Barbara... I have so many wonderful and joyful memories of being with you and Robert, and am so very sad to know I won't see him again ... will miss our Santa Barbara lunches! In so many ways the two of you are models for us of happiness in marriage and love, which gets better all the time. Thank you for all you did to support Robert in his elder statesman years, in bringing forth so many impactful ideas and wisdom for us all -- especially Pathways To Peace and the UN Peoples Assembly. Robert will be greatly missed, and you will always be a special part of our family! Love you! Joanie & Jack Ciardelli
September 21, 2010 7:09 PM


Blogger SANDY HINDEN said...
My dear mentor Robert Muller now leaves it up to all of us to continue to work co-creatively to create his Paradise Earth through loving, co-creative, co-empowering sustainable villages worldwide. He gave us all so much love, happiness and joy and we now continue to pass it on to the next generation. When we align each day with the Creative Source in the Universe, we align with our dear Robert once again...
~ Sandy Hinden, 7 Keys to Love
September 22, 2010 7:10 AM
Blogger NormaG said...
I miss you already dear Robert Muller! You were my first 'virtual guru' many, many years ago and have been an inspiration and hero ever since! My thoughts and prayers are with you Barbara!
September 23, 2010 7:20 AM

Blogger Adriana said...
Dearest Barbara, I am very sorry for your loss, yet I am very thankful with you that I was able to visit you both last December. It was a unvaluable present you gave me!! You and Robert are part of my life and can not express enough what you both mean to me in my upeace years. Many hugs from Costa Rica, you{re always in my heart! Adriana Molina
September 23, 2010 8:12 AM
Blogger Katherine said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. All of us here on Meditation Mount are deeply moved by Robert's passing. He could not have chosen a more appropriate moment, soaring out on the hundreds of thousands of prayers for Peace being raised around the planet. His spirit was certainly with the 150 of us as we undertook a pilgrimage Walk of Peace here in Ojai.

Well done Robert! Your ascending has infused our UN International Day of Peace with your spirit and will carry us forward into the full realization of Paradise Earth! Thank you for all your gifts to us and Bless your journey onward and upward.

Katherine and Roger Collis
September 23, 2010 8:35 AM
Blogger poohbahbah said...
Many hand claps and cheers for you Robert---Yes, your job was well done indeed. Memories of you bring smiles, joy and happiness. Jackie
September 23, 2010 12:21 PM

Dennis J. Kucinich

Madam Speaker, I rise today in honor and remembrance of Dr. Robert Muller, a lifelong champion for peace who served humanity tirelessly throughout his life.

Born in Belgium in 1923, Dr. Muller was raised in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France where he experienced unrelenting political and cultural turmoil. During World War II he was a member of the French Resistance and was imprisoned by the Germans during the Nazi occupation. In 1948, he won an essay contest with his entry about how to govern the world. The prize was an internship at the newly created United Nations.

The internship set him on a life path that led to 38 years of work behind the scenes at the United Nations where he rose to the official position of Assistant-Secretary General, serving three Secretaries General.

In 1986, Rodrigo Carazo, the President of Costa Rica, proposed that Dr. Muller become the chancellor of the UN University of Peace in Costa Rica of which he was the co-founder.

His deeply spiritual understanding of our planet and the life that graces it led him to create a “World Core Curriculum” which is taught at 34 Robert Muller Schools around the world. The Curriculum earned him the UNESCO Peace Education Prize in 1989 and the honorary title of “father of global education.” He also received the Albert Schweitzer International Prize for the Humanities and the Eleanor Roosevelt Man of Vision Award.

He was a prolific writer, having published fourteen books in various languages, including “2000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World”, in which he proposed concrete, visionary ideas designed to create a peaceful and harmonious planet.

Madam Speaker and Colleagues, please join me in honor and remembrance of Dr. Robert Muller, who will be deeply missed. I offer my heartfelt condolences to his entire family and to his many friends. Dr. Muller’s life is one to celebrate, as he lived it with a generous heart, a true joy for living and unwavering love for is family, friends, colleagues and our beautiful planet.

(Appearing in the Congressional Record in September 2010; Vol. 156)

Remembering Robert - Part 3

The photo of Robert was taken at the UN during the launch of his biography, Prophet, The Hatmakers Son by Douglas Gillies. This image is from Sandy Hinden, author and friend of Robert for many years.

Dearest Readers of Good Morning World,

Blessings to you from Santa Barbara and from heaven, where Robert said he would whisper into the ears of every Head of State,

"The People of Planet Earth want Peace
and you better
get busy and work for it NOW!"

It was so comforting to receive your messages. We will be reading them as many as possible Monday as we Celebrate Roberts Life.

Love, Barbara Muller

This is a Better World because Robert Muller lived here. Bless you on your journey Robert.  Bless you Barbara, Solange, the Muller's and all who love him!

Have you heard the news Robert?

Divine Energy released on Peace Day.

Like a candle, that's the way we live our lives, if our life is of Robert Muller "group". I do believe that this group exists for the favor of the many, bringing light, bringing peace in our hearts, minds and yes once...to our nations of the One Humanity.

Robert served this Group bringing not only enlightenment but valuable tools for the work to be done.

His light and spirit stay.

Heartlifts regards from Greece and the RMS group.

Deeply moved .............
Here I found something just for this occasion.
The Absolute

No mind, no form, I only exist;
   Now ceased all will and thought;
The final end of Nature's dance,
   I am it whom I have sought.

A realm of Bliss bare, ultimate;
   Beyond both knower and known;
A rest immense I enjoy at last;
   I face the One alone.

I have crossed the secret ways of life,
   I have become the Goal.
The Truth immutable is revealed;
   I am the way, the God-Soul.

My spirit aware of all the heights,
   I am mute in the core of the Sun.
I barter nothing with time and deeds;
   My cosmic play is done.

- Sri Chinmoy
In a letter Robert wrote to me dated 4/24/92 he wrote:
"It is by peoples' networking that
we can change the world.

You are a perfect example of the networker,
of the true individual democracy
that should reign on this Earth.

Institutions are empty shells.
Only people have life."
He frequently encouraged me to share my poems more widely, and I was freshly reminded of that when I posted several new ones on my "home poem" blog.
Here is one of them for each and all of you. 
Margery (Layton)

Peace Finds

When peace reigns,
hearts glow
and nature's flow
find the openings
and show the ways
to brighter, fuller, fairer days.

When wings find
the peace of mind
that come to know the humankind,
feathered thoughts float gently through,
giving space to all that's true.

Margery Layton
(In loving honor of Robert Muller, world peace gifter)

Margery's poems, writings - beautiful words:

Dear Robert, you have always been an inspiration.

I heard of your passing and wish to remain your friend forever.

Barbara, I am sending you all my love and sympathy.

Robert was a great inspiration for me since early in my adult life when I met him at Windstar.

His teachings on peace are priceless treasures.

What a world we would have if all practiced his teachings!

I will miss this bright light on our planet.
Blessings on Barbara and family.

God Bless you Robert and Barbara.

Heaven is now even better, Imagine That!
Sending you Love and Light and blessings of Peace.

Gracias le daré de por vida a Diós, por haberme dejado conocer a un ser tan especial como el Dr. Robert Muller .

Lamentablemente estoy seguro que la madre tierra y muchas personas como yo hoy y siempre lloraremos la perdida de uno de sus hijos mas preciados.

El hijo que nunca descanso por buscar la paz entre nuestras naciones y preservar nuestros recursos mas preciados como los los bosques y los mares, en defensa nuestra madre tierra.

Su trabajo hoy queda también, pero sabemos que ese hijo tan preciado lo dio todo por ella y por nosotros.

Pero estoy seguro que desde el cielo nos seguirá protegiendo y tocando su característica harmónica para que sepamos que el sigue vivo y en nuestros corazones también.

Ojalá los que tuvimos el honor de conocer a tan destacado ser, sepamos cuidar y desempeñar todas las enseñanzas que nos dejó y así recordar en cada acción que hagamos su nombre.

Attentament, Francisco Mora Valverde (chichi), Costa Rica.
I will give thanks, for the rest of my life, for letting me meet someone as special as Dr. Robert Muller.

Unfortunatly, I am sure that Mother Earth and many people like me, today and forever, mourn the loss of one of its most precious children.

The child that never stoped in his quest of seeking peace among all nations and to preserve our most precious natural resources; as the forest and the seas, to protect our Mother Earth.

His work still remains and we know that this child gave it all for our Mother Earth and for all of us.

I am sure that he will continue protecting us from heaven and playing his characteristic harmonica, to remind us that he is still alive and in our hearts too.

I hope, for those that had the honor to meet such a prominent being, to show with our actions and heartfelt work, all the teachings he passed on to us, so we could be able to remember to live by his teachings, in his name.

Attentively, Francisco Mora Valverde (chichi), Costa Rica.

We had a number of meetings with Robert over the years, in Geneva, in his house in Divonne, in his office in New York and in Costa Rica. It was always an inspiring and illuminating experience.

The photo was taken in 1989, and we have cherished since. It shows Robert giving the key of his house to our daughter, Maria, who was then 2 years old. On the back of the photograph, he wrote,
To Maria,
May this be the key for your happiness
on our beautiful planet,
With heartfelt greetings,
Rudolf and Alice

What a priviledge, honor, and JOY to have been part of Robert's living life.

Loving wishes and thoughts to Barbara as you continue to embody all that you both exemplified.


Robert Muller was, and will continue to be, a great gift to the earth. I thank God for his unswerving challenge to us to be peacemakers and caretakers of the whole world.

BTW he inspired me to take up my old harmonica which I had only learned to play "Oh Susanna" many years ago and learn now to play "Ode To Joy."

Although I did not know Robert personally, I have been touched by his spirit.  God bless all of you who were close to this marvelous soul.  May he rest in the light but may his spirit of action continue in all of us.  I send special greetings to Barbara Muller.

My heart is sad but my spirit knows that he continues.
Sincerely, deborah

He was and is such a wonderful man!

Brian Hardin and Teri Hitt

I have met Robert many times and have good memories of him at the Brahma Kumaris HQ in India.

Know he is with God now and at Peace.

I will always cherish the memories of a Great Man.

Much love and blessings

Luis Mejia

Hope for the future of humanity and the world rests with the work of world servers like Robert Muller. His life will continue to be an example of farsighted vision and total dedication and his books will keep on inspiring the youth around the world. His friends will cherish his memory as a precious evidence of what a life of tireless commitment can accomplish for the common good.


Thank you very much for these emails. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Robert Muller. These emails have given me faith in the goodness of people and our world. I am so grateful. As well as Robert Muller's family and friends, I know there will be many people who will miss him.

Thank you again!

I am speechless to learn that our dearest mentor and inspiration has left us. My heart and prayers are with you, Robert and your families. Robert was a world leader and also so human and personal, what an amazing and wonderful combination!

He has inspired me to do so much - all towards making the world better for people and for nature in all aspects. I am deeply indebted to him. He and you encouraged me to speak to the King of Bhutan about his Gross National Happiness for the UN and to this day I speak about this influence in my life and how it made a difference. That is just one of the many ways in which he and you have motivated others to achieve more for the planet. I am forever grateful.

with love, gratitude and blessings,


Robert Muller was one of my greatest heroes and inspirations - he will be truly missed.


Of course we are sad to hear of Robert's passing, but we also have joy in knowing of the great life he lived.  We remember with fondness the times we have been together and the good work that was accomplished, in particular the celebration in Vancouver on the 1000th Day to the year 2000, when Robert delivered such a wonderful message to the assembled teams of children from many schools.
Robert's ideas and achievements will continue to resound throughout the years to come when so much of what he said will prove to be right.  One of his Bench of Dreams signs remains for perpetuity on a bench in our garden.
We stand ready to contribute in any way we can from a distance to honour his memory and continue his work.
With much love,
Desmond and Gerri in Vancouver
From comments on Robert's Facebook:

Tracy Mammone Farr I will always be inspired by the life and teachings of Robert Muller. A light has gone out here on Earth and a star shines brighter in the heavens.
Melvin Weiner I know of him as one of the people who brought the idea for an International Day of Peace to the UN almost 30 years ago. He was a great man.

We posted the song Imagine on the International Day of Peace Facebook page today at www.facebook.com/peaceday . With the following words: "Dedicated to Robert Muller R.I.P., who first imagined The International Day of Peace 30 years ago; and, as Under Secretary General of the United Nations, was instrumental in creating this day in 1981. He passed away yesterday on the eve of receiving a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' for his dedication to Peace. May his light continue to shine through all of us."

PeaceDay TV is dedicating their Global Peace Day Broadcast to him. www.peaceday.tv
Sue Bertomeu Albert Ironic that he should pass before what promises to be the most unifying Peace Day ever. I met him at Hague Appeal for Peace in 1999. His positive approach to peacemaking was one of many influences that helped to many of my playing for peace activities.

Marjolijn Snippe Robert Muller was a true inspiration for peace-workers. In the 1980-ies I read his book "New Genesis" which is still an inspiration today. He has given a lot and I think that that is exactly what he liked to do. He has lived a wonderful and long life, transmitting thoughts and ideas for a peaceful planet Earth. I trust his next journey will be in light and peace. .................

Dianne Bess Robert was the Ode to Joy. All the angels in heaven are playing harmonicas with him today. He was one of the most inspired and inspiring men I've ever known. He will be truly missed.

Photo Credit: Maciej CiupaLocation: Moses H. Cone Park along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina
You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
-- R. Buckminster Fuller

Robert's Harmonic & Talk
Ode To Joy
Never Give Up (Audio Talk)

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LRothschildPhD said...

I look through some letters from the early 1990's and find a giant of a man encouraging me to continue study and become a psychologist - a debt of gratitude. Godspeed.