Monday, September 27, 2010

PeaceDay.TV Live Global Call In Program Following Memorial Service

PeaceDay.TV has made arrangements for a live global call in program following the Celebrating Robert's Life - Memorial Service.

Call in from any where in the world or use Skype or use a computer camera so viewers can both see and hear you.

PeaceDay.TV will be airing videos of Robert and Barbara along with the phone calls and Skype calls as they come in during the program. After the service the webcam may also be available for people at the service to talk about their remembrances of Robert.

Call in from any where in the world and let the world know what Robert Muller means to you. Share your experiences of Robert.

The host is Dr. Michael Doguruky from Spain who speaks English, Spanish and German fluently.


Below are the PeaceDay.TV call in phone numbers and Skype access.

For making a computer webcam connection see:
for connection details.

Login at:
> My Account
User-name: robertmuller
Pass: iamatpeace

For more information contact:
Stephen@PeaceDay.TV Global Call In Phone Numbers & Skype Access

For North America
USA: +1-518-632-6741
USA: +1-850-417-7196

For South & Central America
Chile: +56-2-897-9421
Mexico: +52-55-842-14113

Germany: +49-89-2351-3138
UK : +44-20-3286-8497

China: Tel: +886-8121-4296

For Australasia
Australia: +61-2-8006-4322
NZ: +64-9-889-2214

Skype-Call: skype:ubiee.corporation

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