Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[GMW #2048] Remembering Robert Part 2

[GMW #2048] Remembering Robert Part 2
Thursday 23 September 2010, Editor: Easy
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1923 - 2010

September 20, 2010

The ceremony for Robert's life will be Monday.
There will be a live webcast.

More will be posted here as it is available.

Remembrances of Robert will be posted here as they come in from replies to GMW, Email, Contact, and Facebook comments.

Remembering Robert

In a letter Robert wrote to me dated 4/24/92 he wrote:

"It is by peoples' networking that
we can change the world.

You are a perfect example of the networker,
of the true individual democracy
that should reign on this Earth.

Institutions are empty shells.
Only people have life."

He frequently encouraged me to share my poems more widely, and I was freshly reminded of that when I posted several new ones on my "home poem" blog.

Here is one of them for each and all of you. 
Margery (Layton)

Peace Finds

When peace reigns,
hearts glow
and nature's flow
find the openings
and show the ways
to brighter, fuller, fairer days.

When wings find
the peace of mind
that come to know the humankind,
feathered thoughts float gently through,
giving space to all that's true.

Margery Layton
(In loving honor of Robert Muller, world peace gifter)

Margery's poems, writings - beautiful words:

Dear Robert, you have always been an inspiration.

I heard of your passing and wish to remain your friend forever.

Barbara, I am sending you all my love and sympathy.

Robert was a great inspiration for me since early in my adult life when I met him at Windstar.

His teachings on peace are priceless treasures.

What a world we would have if all practiced his teachings!

I will miss this bright light on our planet.
Blessings on Barbara and family.

God Bless you Robert and Barbara.

Heaven is now even better, Imagine That!
Sending you Love and Light and blessings of Peace.

Gracias le daré de por vida a Diós, por haberme dejado conocer a un ser tan especial como el Dr. Robert Muller .

Lamentablemente estoy seguro que la madre tierra y muchas personas como yo hoy y siempre lloraremos la perdida de uno de sus hijos mas preciados.

El hijo que nunca descanso por buscar la paz entre nuestras naciones y preservar nuestros recursos mas preciados como los los bosques y los mares, en defensa nuestra madre tierra.

Su trabajo hoy queda también, pero sabemos que ese hijo tan preciado lo dio todo por ella y por nosotros.

Pero estoy seguro que desde el cielo nos seguirá protegiendo y tocando su característica harmónica para que sepamos que el sigue vivo y en nuestros corazones también.

los que tuvimos el honor de conocer a tan destacado ser, sepamos cuidar y desempeñar todas las enseñanzas que nos dejó y así recordar en cada acción que hagamos su nombre.

Attentament, Francisco Mora Valverde (chichi), Costa Rica.
I will give thanks, for the rest of my life, for letting me meet someone as special as Dr. Robert Muller.

Unfortunatly, I am sure that Mother Earth and many people like me, today and forever, mourn the loss of one of its most precious children.

The child that never stoped in his quest of seeking peace among all nations and to preserve our most precious natural resources; as the forest and the seas, to protect our Mother Earth.

His work still remains and we know that this child gave it all for our Mother Earth and for all of us.

I am sure that he will continue protecting us from heaven and playing his characteristic harmonica, to remind us that he is still alive and in our hearts too.

I hope, for those that had the honor to meet such a prominent being, to show with our actions and heartfelt work, all the teachings he passed on to us, so we could be able to remember to live by his teachings, in his name.

Attentively, Francisco Mora Valverde (chichi), Costa Rica.

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