Sunday, September 26, 2010

[GMW #2050] Remembering Robert Part 5

[GMW #2050] Remembering Robert Part 5
Monday 27 September 2010, Editor: Easy
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Movies of Robert
by Lionel Ketchian
Conversations about Happiness

by Brian David Hardin
Robert Muller: Peaceful World
Robert Muller: Ode To Joy
Robert Muller 2 of 2: Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love
A Collection Of Robert Muller Movies

Mrs Jarvie said...
Thank you for creating this memorial. We are all lucky to have spent time on Earth with Robert.

LRothschild PhD said...
I look through some letters from the early 1990's and find a giant of a man encouraging me to continue study and become a psychologist - a debt of gratitude. Godspeed.

David Wick Robert is one of the great souls of our time! His light will forever shine as a guide of PeaceBuilding and global well being. His harmonica will be missed!

Denise Anne Sati I met Dr. Muller when he came to M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, Sufi Master in Philadelphia. He came to ask advice, discuss world peace, and Peace within. A beautiful humanitarian.

Francisco Mora thank God for giving us a very wise man will never forget you robert muller

Jean Rowe To all my FB friends: Never in my life have I known one like Dr. Robert Muller who passed on to his new level of life this week. He did more to promote peace and joyful, love-filled living on this planet than anyone I have ever known. I rec...ommend reading his books or some of his other writings. He continues as an amazing and inspiring spirit.

Alexandra Childs Do You know about this man : Robert Muller ?
Extraordinary, visionary prophet for Hope... He just passed away on the eve of Peace Day last week... I say a prayer of deep gratitude to the infinite wisdom of our Creator for giving the world this man with the heart of a poet & visionary and the soul of a peaceful warrior. ...He served the UN for 40 years, always with his focus on PEACE ~

"As for myself, when the moment will come to close my eyes on this
beautiful planet, my heart will thank and honor all those who gave me
life and the warmth of love, and [God] who permitted me to devote my
earthly sojourn to peace, justice, and the betterment of the human
condition in one of the noblest organizations ever born from the heart
of man. I will go in peace & joy, thankful for having been blessed
with the miracle of life.

I will have loved my life with passion, embraced it with fervor,
cherished every moment of it. I will have contemplated with wonder the
sky and its running clouds, my breth... "

Robert Muller's Life Celebration ~ A Prophet of Hope


I would like to express my condolences to Barbara Muller and family.

Dr. Robert Muller has made a very positive difference in my life, and has been such a positive influence in the world. I find it absolutely fascinating and amazing that Dr. Muller came into my life.

Many years ago, I read a most incredible book called: Most of All They Taught Me Happiness, by Dr. Robert Muller. I consider it a book that can revolutionize the world. This book can show you that using happiness can save your life. This is a must read for those who want to learn about a true genius in our human evolution.

I never dreamed that one day, I would meet this incredible human being. I have had the honor and the  privilege of talking to and working with Dr. Muller and his wonderful wife, Barbara. We filmed a video together, while Robert and Barbara were visiting the United Nations a number of years ago. The video is called:
Conversations about Happiness. It can be viewed for free at It is a 38 minute discussion between Robert, Barbara and myself.

Robert and I had a number of phone conversations that I will never forget. I asked Dr. Muller about his religious outlook and he said all religions must realize the spiritual answers to life, and not get stuck on being right. Dr. Muller possessed the youngest and happiest mind I have ever had the privilege to know. Robert loved nature, and he was chock-full of gratitude. He said to me, "Life is an incredible miracle. We really need to be conditioned to happiness. We must become joyful."

I have personally taken advantage of his wisdom, his books, and I use them daily, and I am very grateful to Dr. Muller for sharing his gifts with me.

I am so grateful to God that he has sent us great men like Dr. Robert Muller. To me, Dr. Muller is the epitome of the Citizen of Happiness. People that are in our lives to show us the way. Robert was here to show us how we can choose the right way to travel through life. I thank Dr. Muller for his extraordinary work in bringing happiness and peace into our awareness. I know that Dr. Muller's work has made a great many people happy and we in the Happiness Club continue to spread the gift of happiness to humanity.

This speaks very loudly about the fact that we never know how much GOOD the work we do in our lives can produce. We must go on doing the good which each of us is called on to do. As Oscar Wilde said so accurately, "When we are happy we are always good, but when we are good we are not always happy." Each of us can create the best environment for ourselves and for others. We can do it by choosing to use our best thinking and decision making skills, and by our responsible actions and behavior, and by the things we are doing every moment of every day to make ourselves happier and more peaceful.

What Gandhi was to nonviolence, Dr. Muller is to happiness and peace. Dr. Muller is a hero and role model for me and the world. He has taught us that happiness can make the world a better place to live. He said, "Decide To Be Happy." I believe that right now, he is reaping the benefits of that decision he told us about. If we also decide to be happy we can also benefit from them as well as change the world by our own positive actions right now. 

Sharing Real Love, Lasting Peace, Brilliant Health & Enduring Happiness with you,
Lionel Ketchian


Interview with dear Robert
Santa Barbara, CA (November 2007)

Kathy: There is a beautiful painting in your home and I would like to know the story of it. Jesus appears next to the United Nations building in New York.

Robert: This painting is a gift from a French artist. He gave it to me and told me... "here is Jesus himself knocking at your office window. If you could only have the heart to hear it and the eyes to see it."

Kathy: Robert, how is happiness therapeutic and healing?

Robert: Every day I take time to look at myself in the mirror and say, I forgive you. Forgive to be happy.
Write down all the reasons why you are happy. Give more than what you have. If you are at service, you'll be eternally happy.

Kathy: Robert, do you meditate?

Robert: Every morning I momentanize. I have the feelings of the wonders of life. I listen to nature and I know that nature listens to me. Every morning I get into me again.

Kathy: Robert, what's on your mind this morning.

Robert: I have recently read several national newspapers and as never before I am totally surprised by the lack of meaningful information. It is only a reproduction of ideas but no progress. The invisible spirit of humanity has been totally eliminated from these newspapers.

Kathy: What can we do?

Robert: Become a missionary at the moment. When I worked at the United Nations no meeting could begin without playing Ode To Joy of Beethoven with my harmonica. I can not resist not to play the harmonica. I was known at the United Nations as the prophet of Hope. Even if you don't have a harmonica have your own music of life and do not let anyone brings you down. Too many people have already died with their music inside.

Robert playing the harmonica to two dogs and then to a child. ..while taking a walk with dearest Barbara and Robert in Santa Barbara.

Peace be with you!

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