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[GMW Special] It's Robert's Birthday Week - Send Meaningful Stories About Robert In Celebration Of His Birthday

[GMW Special] It's Robert's Birthday Week
- Send Meaningful Stories About Robert In Celebration Of His Birthday

Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 3001 to 4000


Robert's birthday (11 March) can be celebrated as a World Day of Dreams and Ideas For A Better World. On this day dream-wish cakes should be served containing a dream or wish to be fulfilled by the person who finds it in their slice of cake. (Daughter-in-law Mari-Téré.)

Celebrate Robert's birthday! Write to us and send your meaningful stories about Robert over the next week or so.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and to celebrate the incredible life of a light force being, Robert, who taught us and inspires us so much, especially living the virtues for a better world for everyone - people and nature.

Send your stories, thoughts and comments by replying to this email and by liking & commenting on this post on Robert's Facebook page - Ideas & Dreams For A Better World!

Dearest Good Morning World readers; This week is Robert's birthday's week and what a joy indeed it is to have an entire day to mindfully focus on the gift of living a peace-full life, and to create it with our thoughts, emotions, visualizations, drawings, poems, and writings to give birth to peace. I do believe that Peace already exists. To nurture peace we must first disarm our hearts, our minds, our eyes and our speech.

All Good Morning World readers are invited to send their stories of how dearest Robert Muller was an inspiration for them - to decide to live in peace, to believe in peace, to nurture peace and to become an instrument of peace in this life.

I can hear Robert saying, "Oh, what a wonderful idea this is to celebrate my life."

Submit your notes in celebration for Dr. Robert Muller's birthday.

Dearest Barbara and GMW readers:

Happy Birthday dearest Robert, Love never dies... :)

Has Any Elder Ever Changed Your Life For The Better?

I am too filled with joy and positive emotions, good vibes and so ready to spread out more actions-in-love. I have been inspired by dearest Robert, my mentor and friend at the United Nations, by his books and his too actions-IN-love, actions for peace and his incredible use of the divine gift of the imagination.

Dearest Barbara, I want to remember about a conversation that I once had with Robert while staying at your home a few years ago, precisely for a seminar to present Robert's book; "Most Of All They Taught Me Happiness", in Santa Barbara Buddhist Temple and the Area Agency on Aging. I had time to sit down at home and had this conversation, which I never forget, with Robert.


Katherine: Robert, what's on your mind this morning.

Robert: When I worked at the United Nations no meeting could begin without playing Ode To Joy of Beethoven with my harmonica. I can not resist not to play the harmonica. I was known at the United Nations as The Prophet of Hope. Even if you don't have a harmonica, have your own music of life and do not let anyone brings you down. Too many people have already died with their music inside.

Robert Playing Ode To Joy At Agape Unity Church To Great Applause And The Story Of How He Came To Be A Harmonica Player
Katherine: Is there a way to please everyone, Robert?

Robert: Well, when I do not focus on me, instead, I focus on the common good. Can you imagine how China would feel if I say that their God is not God. I prefer to turn this around and talk about the good in everyone and the possibilities that we all have to contribute. We need world union.

Katherine: Robert, why did you chose the path of happiness at the United Nations?

Robert: Because life is divine. When I was three years old I used to go to a church next to our home and I would tell everyone, life is divine!!! Happiness is a kind of law and we can't afford not to be happy. Make every effort to be proud of being alive.

Katherine: I was happy today that I was able to speak at your seminar with Barbara and to talk about how happiness is therapeutic and a source of healing. What do you think Robert, of how is happiness a source of healing?

Robert: Every day I take time to look at myself in the mirror and say, I forgive you. Forgive to be happy.
Write down all the reasons why you are happy.
Give more than what you have.
If you are at service, you'll be eternally happy.

Katherine: Robert I want to open my heart and share my happiness with you today. You are a magnificent elder, older than 75 years. When I heard you speak for the first time I have never before seen an elder, someone of your age, talk about dreams as if they were a topic of conversation among adults. I was taught that dreams were part of a world of fantasy for children, but you gave meaning to my life in so many ways because I have lived and grew up dreaming dreams and thought that I was "cooking" them, that I was giving them time to turn them into reality.

I often said to myself, I can not leave my dreams as orphans. I have to believe in my dreams and empower them. But I was doing this silently and thought that adults don't have dreams or talk about them. Now I met someone, YOU, an adult, an elder, another person that has not lost its child like enthusiasm and heart.

Robert, thank you for being alive, for sharing your words and wisdom with the human family... and thank you for a being a magnificent elder. You were talking to me about your tomb... what comes to my mind is you being part of the universe, eternally, as a happy star. I can't imagine you in a box. I can imagine you instead as a shinning star in the universe. Poets look at stars to find inspiration and meaning. Those who wonder look at the stars for guidance. Many of us look at stars to dream, to connect with our hearts, to get inspired and shape our dreams. For the spark on your eyes, today I can say that I have met a shinning star on Earth. I am grateful, thank you Universe for this miracle.

Thank you dearest Barbara for your beautiful light and for all that you do for all of us. And thank you to dearest Robert too. For me, to die is just a happy graduation. :)

Love and light!
* * *

Robert playing the harmonic
"Please dear world peacemakers, never give up.
Together we can create peace." Robert Muller

As Assistant Secretary-General for Social and Economic
Affairs January 1982 - April 1984, Robert Muller presided
over meetings of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)  UN Photo.

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