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[GMW #1628] A United Religions, Or Permanent Religious Parliament, Or Spiritual Agency Of The United Nations

[GMW #1628] A United Religions, Or Permanent Religious Parliament, Or Spiritual Agency Of The United Nations
Monday 29 December 2008, Editor: Easy
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Idea Dream - Robert Muller's Ideas 1 to 500

~ Idea 76 ~ 24 September 1994

I pray that as an outcome of the 1993 centennial Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago, a United Religions, or Permanent Religious Parliament, or Spiritual Agency of the United Nations will be created.

1996: The initiative has been taken in San Francisco to create the United Religions.

Robert's The Miracle, Joy and Art of Living,
Volume III
Chapter 3 The Miracle of Childhood

O parents, build in your garden or on your premises a bench of dreams for the family, especially your children. Here is the ritual of dreaming taught to me by a 10 year old Dutch girl, Mara van der Lugt:
Bench of Dreams

Select two stones
Hold them close together, one in each hand,
close your eyes
and dream your dream very strongly
then throw one stone on the ground
so that Mother Earth can fulfill it
and keep the other stone carefully
at your house to remember it.
Please tell this to all the people
who come to your dream bench
and ask them to do it too.

UN News Sources - UN Chronicle, United Nations News Service, UN Wire News Archive
New: References: Earth Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Rights of: Children, Women, Indigenous People
To Be Written: Rights of Nature, Birds, Animals, Fish, etc.

Good Morning World welcomes your New Year's Ideas and Dreams for a better world for everyone - people and nature. Writing, drawings, poems, music, videos, photos ... will be much appreciated.

Please send your New Year's Idea Dream to Robert at:
Ideas and dreams received over the next week or so will be forwarded to Robert and added to Good Morning World.

Here are New Years's Ideas and Dreams received so far:

An idea from Ukraine with love

Dear Robert -
From Barbara Leger, formerly we met at New Dimensions in early 80s and communicated a bit after that. I read your daily ideas - some are so great.
I want you to know that you changed my life with your awareness of acceptance and the magic and miracle of life. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the world to live in peace and love.
I wholeheartedly believe that it is already so and that underneath all the chaos and pain is the peace we seek.
My #1 IDEA IS:
WE = THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD= invite CNN to spend 1/10th of the advertising/promotion budget in the creation of 30 and 60 second spots about how peace is breaking through all over the plante - little vignettes - pockets of peace opening for all and spreading peace in surround circle.
(I have had this idea for 10 years and have done nothing about - maybe with your good name and contacts we can allow this Spirit's idea to be realized)
#2 Idea - At end OR EVEN BETTER MAYBE in the beginning - but it probably couldn't work - AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES all individuals from all different countries get selected into new teams, where it is a mixture of nationalities, and everyone plays some easier sport like volleyball in summer Olympics and ? in winter olympics = some kind of relay race ....
I also have had this idea for over 10 years.........I believe now is the time.
# 3 Idea: World leaders who are in some sort of anxst with each other send one of their children to live in the other country - exchange families and countries for a year........and then, or simultaneously, another group of young people also get exchanged and awareness will emerge, which will allow understanding and from understanding will come new experiences which brings new knowledge which can change history.
Those are three of my best ideas dear Robert. The world needs your continued leadership for the creation of a peace which is sacred and holy without being about religion or God.
Happy New Year to you and Barbara
Love and peace and joy
Rev. Barbara Leger, Spiritual Leader
TEMENOS: Center for Self-Realization
Ukraine Science of Mind Community

New Years 2009

Hi Robert,
I see peace every where present. I bring peace with me I share the consciousness of oneness and peace with all I meet.
Thank you Robert for being a Light in the World. My peace I give too you and too all that read this.
Infinite Peace,
Rev. Harriett Walden

Best wishes from your friends in Rome

Dear Robert and Dear Barbara,
We think of you frequently, particularly in the most important periods of the year. We feel a sense of deep gratitude, Robert, for your contribution to the progress of the world consciousness, and, Barbara, for your steady work to support the diffusion of Robert's so meaningful thought.
With love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,
Sergio and Maria


The following was written about 12 years ago.
No one liked it - it was rejected - so it must have value!

----When Difficulties Arise----

Robert Muller School Teachers and Parents:

My Dearest Friends,

What pain we may suffer as persons, because of our relationships, is
truly insignificant compared to the literally millions of childern
suffering in ignorance and hopelessness.

Dr. Robert Muller's rising Star of Global Education with the Living
Ethics as its foundation is, without doubt, one of Humanity's greatest
salvaging assets.

To dedicate one's life to promulgate these Highest Ideas IS the Great
Sacrifice in its truest sense.

Those who have eyes to See, know of your struggle and admire your
courage and striving. They send Their heartfelt thoughts to applaud your

Do not be dismayed because of recent events, as they shall pass as all
things do.

We shall only be here for a short time, yet what We do is significant,
in fact essential.

Consider what can be accomplished in the next twenty years.

Think of all the Children that can be elevated in Their Beingness just
by an education in the Principles You adhere to.

Inalienable are the Rights of Children to have a loving environment and
worthy education.

We MUST make it so!

To all Parents and Teachers I say ---

Forget the things which lie in the past !

Strive towards the Good, the Beautiful, and the True !

Know that the HOLY ONE is among us and within our Hearts !

Let LOVE'S Radiant Invincibility BE the Essence of the School and our
Relationships !




Double dipping for non violence and peace

Dear friends,
For the 4th year I will be doing the Atlantic Plunge on New Year's Day. This is an annual fundraising event, during which a couple hundred Mainiacs actually jump into the Atlantic Ocean, which tends to be about 38 degrees in Maine at this time of year. The Atlantic Plunge is sponsored by Caring Unlimited, the local Domestic Violence Program; yet various participants have used this event to raise money for other causes, too. During the first 2 years, I raised about $1,500 for Caring Unlimited; last year I raised $7,800 for Pathways To Peace, a global peacebuilding organization.
I am one of the crazier Mainiacs who always double dips. Yes, after coming all the way out of the water, I actually run in and submerge myself again. There are usually about half a dozen of us. This year I am asking you to double dip with me. In other words, to send 2 checks - one to Caring Unlimited and one to Pathways To Peace.
One personal reason that I want to raise funds for Caring Unlimited is because a woman I knew was killed by her husband last year. Nicole worked in a local sandwich shop and always had a bright smile and friendly disposition; we got to know each other by first name and occasionally chatted about life. I didn't know much about her personal life; but I do know that her husband shot her then turned the gun on himself, leaving their 2 young children to be cared for by relatives. This came as a shock to me and to others who knew her; it seemed so unfair and unjust. Caring Unlimited has been operating for over 20 years and has many programs to address domestic violence. One of their primary goals, of course, is to prevent such situations from occurring. For more information on Caring Unlimited, please go to their web site
The other organization that is dear to my heart is Pathways To Peace. In 2007 on Sept. 21st, which is the United Nations' International Day of Peace, I awoke with the inspiration to ask calendar publishers to add the UN International Day of Peace to their calendars. Being in the calendar publishing industry, I was able to contact about 20 of the largest US based publishers during that one day and enlist them to do this; the next day I realized that we were going to reach about a hundred million people. Since then I have taken this worldwide and enlisted hundreds of calendar publishers to also do this. For Sept. 21st 2009 we could reach a billion people! By 2010 it could be 2 billion. I have also become very involved with Pathways To Peace, the NGO (non government organization) created by the people who originally brought the idea for a 'day of peace' to the UN 28 years ago; and I have now been to the UN several times as a representative for Pathways To Peace. Pathways To Peace has both Consultative and Peace Messenger status with the UN and is also the International Secretariat for the Culture of Peace Initiative, a group of about 3,000 NGO's working on various peace building initiatives worldwide; in this capacity Pathways To Peace works with the UN Dept. of Public Information to promote observances of the International Day of Peace worldwide. Pathways To Peace has nurtured "Peace Day" from a single event of a few hundred people in S.F. 27 years ago to this past year's observances, which involved hundreds of millions of people from thousands of organizations all over the planet - and ranged from ceasefires, to volunteer work, to cultural celebrations, to school activities, to religious observances. Now that the International Day of Peace will be on calendars worldwide the doors are open for an annual observance involving all levels of government, additional types of non profit organizations, and more schools and religious organizations; and to expand to include businesses & professionals, the media & the internet, as well as more people and families - creating a groundswell of humanity from all segments of society. One point worth mentioning is that many of the organizations involved use this occasion to promote their individual causes: human rights, equality, the environment, disarmament, poverty, hunger, health care, conflict resolution, universal education, and fair trade. For more information go to or .
Contributions to both Caring Unlimited and Pathways To Peace are tax deductible. Speaking of double dipping, a very dear friend has offered to match dollar for dollar the first $3,000 that I raise for Pathways To Peace; he did this last year, too; which is why I was able to raise so much money. So dig deep - after all, I'll be in over my head - twice!
Please mail checks to me, made out to Caring Unlimited or Pathways To Peace; and, if money is tight please consider contributing to one or the other of these worthwhile organizations. Thank you very much; and may the new year bring you - and the world - many blessings.
Melvin Weiner

Christmas miracle

is my dream for a new world free from poverty and war. I believe it to be actually taking place
in the world right now. Soon humanity will share the earth's resources and live as one family on this beautiful
Thank you,

Norma gamble sends love, and an idea
Happy Christmas Robert and Barbara!

I am sooo excited to see your wonderful blog! I had sent Barbara photos of
the magnificent Harbin Festival of ice sculptures some years ago and because
the file was so large, Barbara couldn't seem to download them but wanted
Robert to see them. I referred her to my blog where all of the photos were
posted. Barbara, do you remember how intrigued you were with the idea of a
blog! Well bravo! Your blog is the best!!

Here is an idea I am working on -- Elders sharing homes 5 women 55+ in each home -- ... Please pray that it will manifest ...

Click to view LOFFTS multi media presentation

Blessings galore!
Love, Light, and Laughter ...
Via positiva!

Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness
by Dr. Robert Muller
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Prophet Cover
PROPHET - THE HATMAKER'S SON The Life of Robert Muller
by Douglas Gillies
To order: Phone: 800-942-7617. For those of you who are interested in my life, there is a beautiful biography which I love very much. Order from .
- Robert Muller
Poems and Reflections for a Better Life
by Kathy J. Ward
"A book for anyone anticipating a lovely older age..and a perfect gift for anyone over 50..I read a page or two every single day and have since Kathy sent it to me. I love her book so easy to hold in my hands and read everyday." - Robert Muller - Click here to order.

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